Ordering couldn't be easier - just send us a special photo

We can work from almost any photo in any condition. Send us a photo directly from your phone or from your scanner.

You can send us any printed photo by taking a picture of it with your phone (see tips below)

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Email your photo to:

Be sure to email the photo at it's "Highest" resolution or "Actual Size".

In your email, tell us the approximate size you'd like your painting to be.

We will contact you with a few questions and pricing.


How to photograph a photograph

1. Find a spot with even, indirect daylight. Check to make sure there are no reflections from overhead lights or lamps on the glossy surface of the print. Don’t use a flash.

2. Place the photo on a flat surface, tape down the corners if edges are curling. Press the photo between pages of a book if it’s warped.

3. Hold your phone steady - you can use a prop to steady your phone.

4. Get close enough to the photo for it to fill the phone’s screen.

5. Snap your photo and email it to us! Be sure to email at it’s Highest resolution or “Actual Size”

How to take the best photos

1. Light Your Subject Well: Make sure your subject is lit from the front to avoid silhouettes. Sometimes dramatic results come from subjects being partially lit from the side rather than straight on.

2. Get Close to Your Subject: Fill up your view finder with your subject, but include some background and take several shots from different distances.

3. Don’t edit or filter your images.

4. Avoid using digital zoom.

5. Use the rule of thirds: experiment with placing your subject outside the center of the frame.

6. Snap your photo and email it to us! Be sure to email at it’s Highest resolution or “Actual Size”.